Environment, quality and hygiene


Our operations cause limited impact on inner and outer environment. There are no emissions
to air or water and all scrapped material is recycled. After use the package is collected by
Tidnings- och förpackningsinsamlingen or by similar organisations in other countries.

We have developed a method to calculate carbon footprint for the containers we supply.
Results are given as CO2-equivalents and cover the total chain from the making of plastic
resin to delivery at our customers premises


We strive to at all times achieve quality. To be able to supply what our customers expect
we are to do the right things and give good conditions to each other and to our suppliers


We have made substantial efforts to improve the hygiene in production and in the handling
of finished products. Our reference is the standard BRC/IOP and the customers that have audited us have given approval

Certificates and approvals

We can present Normpack-certificates based on migration tests and review of documentation. These show that our products comply with all EU legislation for contact with foodstuff.
Some of our bottles are approved for the transport of dangerous goods (UN-approvals)